WEBSITE UNDER CONSTRUCTION:  Independent Insurance Agents of Palm Beach County (IIAPBC)

What is the Mission of IIAPBC?

IIAPBC was established many decades ago.  The mission's acronym provides the basics of your association:

Inform & Educate

Industry Evolution

Agent Effectiveness

Positive Networking

Build Alliances

Community Service


Contacting IIAPBC

Contacting IIAPBC is easy and there are several ways to do it!!  Facebook, email, phone, or Constant Contact.




Constant Contact

Get Connected


As an independent insurance agent or agency, or, as an associate member, there are plenty of reasons to get connected to the IIAPBC network of insurance related businesses.

They include:

Upcoming Events - The IIAPBC Calendar

The link to our IIAPBC Calendar will be available soon...however, right now, the FAIA convention is going full steam (June), the June IIAPBC Newsletter is out, and we have a July Happy Hour planned. 

Membership info

Our membership:

Learn more

There is much more to learn about IIAPBC!!  Come and experience the benefits of attending the IIAPBC monthly meetings and events.